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Here you’ll find simple and actionable solutions to help you survive and thrive in parenthood. Life is crazy, kids are crazy, and parenting is crazy – but you’ve got this. 

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Hi Mama, Rachel Norman Here

B.A., M.S., certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, Language of
Listening™ parent coach, and mother of 5. 
I believe you can run a low-stress home without feeling out of control and overwhelm. You don’t have to be exhausted and running around like a
chicken with its head cut off every day. Seriously… you don’t.
As a mom of 5, I understand what it’s like for lots of small problems to take
over, leaving you overwhelmed. Every month, I help hundreds of thousands
of moms, just like you, find breakthroughs with my simple solutions that
address parenting and home struggles.

Hey there, Grace Poole Here

B.S. Family Life & Human Development, 10+ years working with children ages 2-18,
and mother of 2. 

I’m a mother of 2 crotch goblins angelic little boys named Maverick and Thatcher. They’re adorable and perfect and their poop smells like fairy dust.

Tears and tantrums and chaos are the norm around my house, so I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to parent better and happier. I also understand that having kids can be one of the loneliest journeys ever, so I have a community on the blog where parents can vent all they want. 

I help parents like you confidently raise tiny humans, take care of YOURSELF amid the chaos of parenting, and vent about the ugly, crazy, frustrating, and endearing moments of parenthood.


Ultimate Week-By-Week Guidebook Of Milestones & Activities For That First Year

Having a baby is one thing. Finding meaningful and intentional ways to fill up the next 365 days?
That's another thing entirely. Here are my best daily tips to help you enjoy your baby
during that wonderful (and stressful) first year.

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